#ISpyWiFi, where the Wi-Fi installations of the world are archived. Book distribution center deployment using @Fortinet AP832 and @AccelTex antenna #FortiRu pic.twitter.com/kknzfQTBxw — Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi) October 5, 2016 So good. @BadFiShow @AccelTex pic.twitter.com/sDwnKwTfSi — Trent Cutler (@WiFiTrent) September 20, 2016 @redteamwrangler @wifistand @Badger_Fi Like this @AccelTex one? pic.twitter.com/Yx7V7ReUDo — Brett Alger (@crabby_fi) May 2,… Read More

The masses are driving the constant need for Wi-Fi.  And not only Wi-Fi, but really good, really fast Wi-Fi.  So, how do we deliver?   Devin Akin, CEO of Divergent Dynamics, specializes in the field and has put together 15 steps to success in these environments. 15 Steps to Success in VHD by Devin Akin… Read More