RP, N, SMA, blah, blah blah.  What?  The world of Wi-Fi connectors is confusing.  But not to worry, we’ve got you covered.  See below for a primer on the most common connector types for Wi-Fi radios. Oh, and by the way, the same rules apply for any RF connector, on an adapter, cable assembly or… Read More

Let’s play ball.  Is your team ready for Wi-Fi World Domination this year?  Ours is.  Meet the 2016 AccelTex Solutions All-Star team.   Pitcher: With a beamwidth straighter than an arrow and a fast ball your Uncle Tony would be afraid of, the ATS-OHDP-245-13-4NJ-IC is sure to scare the pants off of any batter.  Be… Read More

Reading Radiation patterns can sometimes be a little tricky.  But, have no fear, AccelTex is here to help you decipher these magical lines! Let’s start with this fun fact: antennas are based on mathematical theory.  There are 4 electrical characteristics of antennas that influence each other: Frequency Gain Polarization Beamwidth When you change one of… Read More

Have something to add? Send your #WiFiHumor to info@acceltex.com and we’ll get it posted!   pic.twitter.com/cTKmzaCsLT — Viten Patel (@wirelessnext) May 22, 2017 #SecondUseSigns Machine is #wifi compatible with your #hand #humor #joke #bacon pic.twitter.com/FvxFSlgImp — Ryan Mathews (@Ryan_JMathews) February 25, 2014 A little morning #WiFi humor for this #WirelessWednesday pic.twitter.com/YORXsMdJaB — TodaysWirelessWorld (@TWW_Magazine) March… Read More

High density is becoming the norm.  Everyone has multiple devices traveling with them at all times and we all require more and more bandwidth.  We have all been in situations where having no Wi-Fi is sometimes better than bad Wi-Fi.  If you have Wi-Fi, it has to be good and support any and all applications… Read More

It was our first appearance at the CWNP Wi-Fi Trek, and it was a great one! We got to catch up with old friends, met some new friends and spent a lot of time talking shop. It’s always a treat to get together with a great group of techies that love Wi-Fi! We hope you… Read More

We like our products, but what are other people saying about them?  Take a look below: On our Antennas Love the @AccelTex antenna offerings @CiscoLive #CLUS pic.twitter.com/aEK54OLYtu — Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi) July 13, 2016 @wifidownunder Yeah, big halls are a challenge, 14m and 19m high ceilings, using AP224 + ANT-38s and @AccelTex VHD patches in… Read More