#ISpyWiFi, where the Wi-Fi installations of the world are archived. Book distribution center deployment using @Fortinet AP832 and @AccelTex antenna #FortiRu pic.twitter.com/kknzfQTBxw — Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi) October 5, 2016 So good. @BadFiShow @AccelTex pic.twitter.com/sDwnKwTfSi — Trent Cutler (@WiFiTrent) September 20, 2016 @redteamwrangler @wifistand @Badger_Fi Like this @AccelTex one? pic.twitter.com/Yx7V7ReUDo — Brett Alger (@crabby_fi) May 2,… Read More

You may want to reconsider that “carry-on only” rule as a Wi-Fi engineer – at least when you have external antennas with you. True story: I went to the (awesomely organized) WLAN Pros Conference in Dallas. I had scheduled to meet Carter from AccelTex while I was there. We did, and locked down our plans… Read More